Wonderful Artworks are Yours to Discover

Welcome to the art store of Marthijn de Groot. Here you will find exclusive artworks, like paintings on canvas, works on paper, sculptures and objects, Limited Editions, books, rare gifts and the most meaningful stories and hidden treasures. The Pearls Series are selected for you to experience an intimate journey with the artwork itself.
From heart of Holland to the rest of the world.


€ 1.606 excl. NL VAT
Orange man
€ 1.606 excl. NL VAT
A Beautiful Mind
€ 30.276 excl. NL VAT
The Search Of The Golden Egg
€ 5.046 excl. NL VAT
€ 1.010 excl. NL VAT
€ 2.065 excl. NL VAT
€ 1.606 excl. NL VAT
€ 730 excl. NL VAT
The Death of Moma
€ 1.789 excl. NL VAT
The End of Capitalism
€ 6.423 excl. NL VAT
The Baker Boy
€ 913 excl. NL VAT