The Search Of The Golden Egg

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This ceramic bowl is about the tragic story of two geese who are both searching for the golden egg. However, they are so busy searching that the egg is very slowly losing its golden shine. The golden egg eventually no longer shines and dies a lonely, unseen and silent death on top of the hill. The geese are constantly looking for something outside of themselves, but it is not there. In their fixation on the external, they don’t even realize that they are slowly turning to gold themselves. They still think that the gold and happiness comes from the outside.
There is one goose who is running away from a snow storm that gets startled by a walking tree. That walking tree is trying to explain something, but they don’t understand each other. The other goose has almost become a fresco, inanimate and nearly dead, he has given up the search. The conclusion is that happiness cannot be obtained from the external. Although that does seem to be the case in this theatrical performance!

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Weight 8 kg
Design Year



Stoneware, Porcelain


32 cm


57 cm


Milk Orange, Iron Oxide, Platinum Silver Craquelure, Azure Blue, Forest Green, Zinc White, 22-karat Gold Glaze, Matt Black