Glimpses of a Childhood (sold)

€ 8.500 incl. NL VAT
€ 7.798 excl. NL VAT

This surreal and largely abstract piece tells the story of the collective child in us all who, sometime in early childhood, realizes that it is its own individual, detached from mother, with its own soul. This is an astounding realization and can leave a child amazed and astonished. The sudden realization of: I exist! I am someone! Wow!
In the composition of the painting, familial systems and earlier generations join together. Dozens of stories and drawings hidden in layers fold over each other in the upper part. At the bottom right we find a window in which the child can manifest themselves in a free and open way. Accompanied by angels, but above all guided by the mystery.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 cm

mixed media on canvas


light Prussian blue, cobalt blue, yellow ochre, oxide red, cadmium red, tiarylite yellow, neutral grey, bone black, flesh pink, titanium white, bronze gold