Complex Holistic Relationship

€ 3.500 incl. NL VAT
€ 3.211 excl. NL VAT

Relationships are, more often than not, complex. In this piece we are dealing with an intercultural love affair. A fertile ground in which holistic qualities can unfurl and flourish. In other words, a love affair where there is room for differences, mutual respect and gentle curiosity. There is a sense of playfulness, creating a fun space for integration and growth.
In this scene, hilarity ensues as the romantic couple get drunk with love and therefore lose their way. Nothing is what it seems anymore, except for the Kingbird in the top right of the composition, who sees all with great veracity.

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Weight 4 kg

Mixed media on 300 gram backing paper


soft grey, titanium white, transparent Prussian blue, fluorescent pink, cadmium orange, forest green, light gold relief



Dimensions unframed (cm)

H: 50 W: 40

Dimensions framed (cm)

H: 73 W:61